Sunday, November 23, 2008

Motrin vs. babywearing

So, you may have heard about the misguided Motrin ad campaign that was suppose to be "funny", but really ended up insulting babywearers.  Motrin has pulled the ads and posted an apology, but you can still see the video on youtube.  All the backlash from us moms in on the twitter thread "motrinmom"

As a mom, who firmly believes in all the benefits of babywearing, this outrages me.  And the fact IF YOU HAVE A GOOD BABY CARRIER, IT WILL NOT HURT YOUR BACK, NECK, etc, as Motrin claims.

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  1. Wow! Ridiculous. I wonder if they even bothered to talk to any baby wearing moms or dads. And what a way to talk down to those of us that do, as if we're doing it because we want to be part of The Cool Kids Club! Thanks for posting this. What a bad move by Motrin.